ESPN broadcasting from Calhoun's on 9/3

Not sure if this is kosher since it appears they are not a sponsor here so if so admins feel free to delete. I just thought it was cool. Especially for the students who may have been in Jr High when Gameday was on campus.


Very cool

Oh snap! UH Stormtrooper might have to make an appearance!

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May have to make a quick stop by there before heading to the stadium to be in the blue lot at 7am

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Yeah. I am wondering if I should just bring my donuts to Calhoun’s instead of to NRG.

Yeah Ben, we just need to maybe some a couple to take to the tailgate for Allison and the others

5am? Can they serve beer that early?

We can save one and let them fight over it.

I believe so on Saturdays. Not 100% sure.

From what I remember last year, they will do extended live look-ins like twice an hour during Sportscenter all morning They were at a bar near North Dakota State that time.

On twitter they said that breakfast at 5, alcohol starts at 7.

I want the return of the Heisman Kid!

So epic -


Heisman Kid was simple incredible. Hats off to whoever came up with that idea.

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