The Miami bowl against the mighty Central Michigan or Toledo…might explain the crying.

Don’t kid yourself, both of those teams are legit.

no 11-1 UH team is going to THAT bowl game…stupid to make any projections now…


I just threw up in my mouth.

Projections are for bored people. I want reality.

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If Navy doesn’t lose 2 more conference games (or lose to an otherwise-undefeated Memphis) that’s where we’re going. Can’t go NY6 without winning the conference, and the AAC doesn’t have any options that are much better.

I like you almost as much as dealing with that loss yesterday, T-Moar. To all of you Debbie Downer’s who will also likely quit going to games… this season still has half of a season to go. A ton can and will happen the rest of the way. And since you are staying home for the foreseeable future, you can keep your butts there when we go to the CCG this year as well.

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C’mon, negativity does not build success. In fact it becomes self fulfilling. PO people and THEN they stay home. Luckily there’s no one here but fanatics. We’ll all be there.

If you won’t admit this has a serious chance of happening you don’t realize how crappy the bowl tie in with this conference really are. The bowls in CUSA were so much better than this crap.

And last week it had us in a playoff game. And last year it didn’t have us in the peach bowl iirc.

Those things are worthless this far out.

Navy isn’t the worldbeaters they looked against us. Probably like Cincy have been prepping for that game all season

They were very clear that they have been prepping for us since Summer. We need to get used to that. I know we say we are aware of it, but those are only words. It has to sink in that every team we play in conference is going to play us like Luck and the Colts. Every one.

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Confirmed. They have been preparing for us since spring ball.

i cant wait to play them one last time here and give them a beating they wont forget as a going away present…we’ll be ready

If…if we end up on not winning the conference, I would be we’d get sent to the Military Bowl or Birmingham Bowl instead. Both bowls have P5 tie-ins and the AAC would be better served sending their best against them.

Agreed Patrick…its time for common sense to reign…If we dont win our division then i can live with playing Florida or Auburn or North Carolina or Duke…

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