ESPN confirms UT/OU are to remain in B12 till 2025

No to NRG…these are CONFERENCE HOME GAMES…not invitational neutral field games. WE have leverage to demand OUR homefield advantage unless OUR leaders SELL US OUT!!!

Now, an xyz Invitational featuring UH vs Bama/ND/Ohio State/USC/Clemson/etc. In NRG would NOT be our decision…its a neutral game by invitation only.

I’ll repeat: NO Big 12 home games in NRG to satisfy the away fans N-O!!


I’m seeing enough non-UH affiliated people saying they want to see Texas come to UH, I am starting to think it really could happen. John Kurtz says it’s the #1 game that needs to to happen in the 14 team league and that it isn’t a close call. Not that he gets to make the decisions, but if he sees the potential I think the Big 12 really might.

(Also, I expect the ticket office bump of Texas visiting games to be smaller in lame duck Big 12 games. My brother and father have come up to Morgantown every single season but I think they have come to their last game up here.)

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Great point! Tcu has had some great non-conf matchups in Arlington. Maybe that’s in our future.

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I hope not, they suck the life from the games.

I buy season tickets to see great games at home, not to pay extra for an NFL stadium. Yes, they are often not included in the season ticket package.

The AD felt it was better for a couple million to make the site neutral. Also I think, in at least one case, the opponent threatened to just cancel the games if not moved even though initially signed as 1 and 1s.


I wouldn’t mind it if it’s an advocate Texas kickoff

Has the Advocare Classic ever invited teams from the same conference? I thought the idea was to match teams from competing conferences.

I’ve said many times I’d be shocked if the new Big 12 teams ever played in the conference at the same time as Texas and OU. I still feel that way, and don’t want any part of playing them. Want them to get the hell out of they way so the conference can start to build its new identity.

Of course 1976 was my first year attending UH, so this whole thing has a “been there, done that” feel to it anyway. I’m ready for a new frontier with (mostly) new opponents. Sorry, bit of a rant here, but I’m so done with ever playing Texas, A&M or Oklahoma again. History shows that nothing good for us will ever come of being associated with UT or A&M in any way, so I hope they clear out and leave the Big 12 to start fresh, with new teams and rivalries.

In other words, good riddance to bad rubbish.


Couldn’t happen. Texas vs UH would be a conference game. Our leaders would have to agree to move it to a neutral site.

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Texas doesn’t merit getting up for. We, as fans, should conduct ourselves accordingly. Just another conference game.


With texas university joining the conference, would not be surprised if the SEC moves its headquarters from Birmingham to Houston.

You’re overestimating the influence UT has. If you think they can push Bama, Florida, LSU and Georgia around then you may wanna look up what they do to schools in their own states. The folks in Austin are soft in comparison.

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Watch them stay beyond 2025 and we bring teams back or poach from the PAC/ACC. New commish might make it a thing. It’d be hilarious

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The transformative benefits of beating UT at TDECU would last a good decade.


I think it would be good, but not sure I would go as far as it being a decade of transformation. Gives them a little too much credit. TCU beat them 7 of 10 times in the first 10 years of the Big 12 for TCU. Did not make a huge difference. Nice but not transformative. The first win would be fun, and if there is a chance to have scoreboard until they agree to play again is good for fans.

Nah, Whorn is gone. I say good riddance. The SEC just invited a cancer into their conference. Whether it’s an aggressive cancer that will metastasize or a small growing cancer, it is a cancer.

My greatest fear is that with NIL, Texas does have the resources to buy its way to championships. While PUF money can’t go to athletics, it frees up other resources so they can be allocated. And they do have a lot of wealthy alumni.

TCU and UH are not that similar. In the 30+ years since the breakup of the SWC TCU had a roughly 15 year head start by making good, sound decisions about growing their brand. TCU also has more prototypical college students who grew up watching football. TCU was way ahead of UH in terms of attendance and season tickets upon entry into the B12. In short, TCU was a fully functioning p5 in everything but the contract.

UH is different. If we were to beat UT, who’s been hiding from us for 30+ years, it would drive student interest beyond what we understand. There’s literally an entire generation of Coogs that never had the opportunity to beat one or both of the state’s proudest institutions in football.

Seperate issue: Btw - why would Pitaro leave the B12 out of his list of conferences he’s going to deal with?

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I’m hoping it’s just because renegotiation is off his radar. SEC just happened and has some loose ends. Big Ten and Pac-12 happening now.

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I would like to see a neutral site game with Arkansas every year in the Cotton Bowl during the fair. Gets Arkansas back in Texas every year, twice when they play A&M, could be a win/win. And while we are at it, we will fill the Thanksgiving slot with UT.

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Texas has shown year after year that buying or just using normal recruiting to get a top recruiting class does not buy them championships. Their recent problems go deeper than what money can buy.