ESPN, Fox, Discovery to launch joint streaming platform

The product will be a skinnier bundle of linear networks than a standard cable offering, specifically tailored for sports fans.

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This could potentially be a big development. Keep in mind that espn is on sale and has been for a while.
What if this results on this platform having exclusive rights to games/competition?
Will that lead the consumer to have another platform to add to their existing one(s)?
Some incentives have to be in for them to do this.

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Doesn’t it already have exclusive rights to the games it airs?

That is the point. What if this new platform block others?

I’m still confused. How is that different than what we have now? A game on ESPN can’t be shown on Fox or on local TV without ESPN allowing it.

This new platform might become the only platform to get espn. Thus demanding what ever cost they want.
hulu is a disney product.
disney selling espn is higly plausible.

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Ok I see what you’re saying there. I doubt that would go ove well but I guess it all depends on the price and the inventory of games.

Don’t know if you’re aware but WWE recently made a huge deal to move Raw to Netflix. Raw had been on basic cable since inception. Their Smackdown though is going to be on basic cable again (currently on broadcast TV).

More on this.

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Pay wall. Can you summarize what was said?