ESPN Lost 8 Million Subscribers in 2021

ESPN Lost 8 Million Subscribers in 2021, 10% of its overall subscriber base.

This an interesting article. It predicts ESPN’s decline.

ESPN+ does not provide additional revenue. Any revenue it gets, it takes from ESPN TV channels at a much lower price.




Not good. Not until they offer to pay us a lot of money. Then they can rot.

Not sure how ESPN+ takes from ESPN TV channels. ESPN+ doesn’t substitute for ESPN at all. It’s just the leftovers.


I hear you money wise, I get it. Just a personal thing, ESPN can go bankrupt for all I care


The salaries for on air talent in that article are the headline.

Aikman getting $90m for five years probably doubles his entire playing earnings in Dallas (inflation notwithstanding) not to mention his salary at Fox since 2000.

Joe Buck getting a cool $75m good grief. I can understand Smith’s $12m per year seeing as how he’s on ten different shows it seems.

Not sure how Shefter and Woj are worth almost $10m a year trying though. What do they do other than parrot stuff they’ve heard from people who work in the leagues. They have no on-air presence compared to the other commentators.

It’s a beautiful country!

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Man I love The Coogs, Astros too, and go to or see as many games as possible. A few years back I came to my senses and put Pro and College Sports that cost me extra way down low on my viewing list. Right where I think they they belong. With the exception of the Local HS sports package, I personally do not subscribe to any channel beyond what my Direct TV Choice package provides. AT&T dings me $167.00 a month and that’s all they are going to squeeze out of me. ESPN and all of their experts that treat us as though we are just a bunch of uniformed idjuts, can wilt on the vine.

So where did their subscribers go?

How? They are a package deal with Disney.

You can get some discounts on that Choice pkg… trust me :wink::upside_down_face:. Just have to call n go through Retention line . Have had DIRECTV for 15 yrs.

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On air talent really doesn’t seem like the best use of financial resources. Yes the best are (often) better than the rookies, but they’re not better enough to justify the salaries


Only Espn creating fake demand and then overpaying for same folks who would work for way less if you forced them to

Ain’t no way I’m forking over a brinks truck to an already retired millionaire who would work for less cause their bored and need something to do

Poor business decisions, like throwing money away on LHN all add up.


Lost probably through cable subscriptions?

Thanks Brother GO COOGS

Yeah…I heard that the LHN lost almost half of their viewership…
The other 78 are still subscribers…:smiley:


All cable channels lost the subscribers. There is no way to call a cable provider and ask to opt out of just ESPN. ESPN’s ratings this year are actually way up.

Cable TV subscriptions set to drop below 50% of all US households

Probably most cable subscribers don’t want to pay for any sports, particularly ESPN,

Always #GoCoogs

If subscribers are like me I don’t subscribe ( unless a deal like Hulu offered $1 fort 3 months to woo me back) until CFB season then once over I cancel. Amazon sent a letter in the mail. to remind with my prime membership I have their channel ( which I don’t watch)l as part of the deal. Once I order everything I need for them for my trip to Asia this 1 month I plan on cancelling prime. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: