They have us only losing one more game in the reg. season @ Cinn. What do y’all think?

The ESPN predictor reminds me of a quote:
“Those who say do not know and those who know do not say.”

Sure would like the predictor to be right though.

Click bait. ESPN can’t predict the future any more than any of us.


Coogs are 3-3 vs. Cincinnati over the last two seasons and the win @ Cincinnati last season was the first time UH has beaten Cincinnati on their own floor. Cincy is 32-5 all time vs. Houston but Sampson is responsible for 4 of those losses. It makes sense – all of the other teams have seemed beatable over the last few weeks and UH gets WSU and Tulsa at home now. Those are the two that seem to be the most consistent. @ Memphis could be tough if they are hot from 3-pt. Otherwise, they don’t show much effort on the boards and defending.

I love this team, but until someone besides Mills can put the ball in the basket consistently, we’re going to play close games against average teams. Odds are, we’ll lose some of those close games.


The good news is that multiple starters and bench players are capable of contributing. For a change, the team is not dependent on one or two guys having monster games each time out.

I will be surprised if the Coogs don’t lose more than one the rest of the way. But, if I had to pick only one L the rest of the way, the Cincy game on Saturday makes the most sense.

could not agree with you more!! Keep up defensive intensity/rebounding.