ESPN:Meet the transfers who will shake up CFB in 2018 - Deontay Anderson

“Deontay Anderson, S, Houston: Ed Oliver won’t be the only decorated recruit playing for Houston’s defense in 2018. Anderson, ESPN’s No. 1 safety and No. 41 overall recruit in the 2016 class, should give the Cougars a major boost. He played 12 games for Ole Miss as a true freshman in 2016 – he voluntarily sat out last year before transferring to Houston in December – and had 32 tackles and an interception that year.”

I’m thinking I. Chambers has a huge year for UH next to Big Ed.


Yep, I probably would have had Chambers, Owens, and Anderson as one entity as I think all three will make an impact this year.

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Our D should be devastating this year!!

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We could be a better team than the Peach Bowl team.

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Maybe, but there’s some big question marks.

  • We don’t have the experience at RB that we had that year - Farrow and Jackson.
  • We had some good talent at OL that year. Need to bring that out of the current crop
  • Our LB crew was amazing that year; not sure we have that yet
  • We had a top-notch secondary that year…this one is good, but still worried about our corners

Granted, we had some guys that came from off the radar to help us that season like Ayers and Roberts and we’ll need some guys to step up like that to have a chance at a NY6 bowl. We have the talent, just need to get that fire going.

Add to that… our QB situation is nowhere near as sound as it was with Ward. Still not sold on where we are with that position. We also have some big question marks as WR.

If UH had a “quick 6”(AA) or Tyron Carrier I would feel a lot better.

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Going into 2015, Ward was an inexperienced QB that had only had about half a season of work; he looked good at times and had some hiccups that may have been related to the offense and the outgoing offensive coordinator. Sounds like King going into this year.

Also, going into 2015, we had just lost an experienced group of receivers (Greenberry, Ambles, Spencer) and had a young group where we hoped someone would step up. If I remember correctly, our coach was constantly complaining about the state of our WR corp prior to that season. Out of that, we had Ayers, Allen, and Dunbar step up along with McCloskey at TE. Very similar to what we have going into this season.