ESPN Playoff Predictor - what's missing?

Notice any undefeated, top 10 teams with multiple wins over top 25 opponents this season conspicuously missing from this list?

Wow, that is pretty blatant considering all the other teams included in the discussion.

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nothings missing, they know cincinati will lose to the coogs


What a waste of time !!

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I like it!

But it’s interesting to follow the circular logic… As we all know there is a broad acceptance of the manufactured perception of a difference in quality between the teams who play in the five conferences with the biggest TV contracts. So a team like Cincinnati doesn’t play a hard enough schedule to qualify if they go undefeated. But the conference is too good so we should omit them from our article about teams with best chance of making the playoffs. But definitely include Boise st, byu, Penn st (0-1) and a couple of other money five schools who have yet to play.

Cincy looks legit. If Dana can pull that one off, I will be impressed. And I like Dana.

Why don’t they call it what it is which is the Clemson versus Alabama season ending game. It is dang near a tradition now.