ESPN reports that ACC will play 11 game schedule and include Notre Dame

ND will apparently compete for its first ever conference football title.

Read on.

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Cool plan, wish we had some cool news

They should stay there permanently…independents are bad for college football. Notre Dane has been elevated to the playoffs bc they didn’t have a conference affiliation.

Now, let’s come up with a true playoff that rewards conference chsmpions

I just dont think there will be a football season…

buuuut if it does happen, I hope ND looses multiple games and their yearly hype train gets derailed early on. finally having to play a real schedule.

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The ACC is a real schedule? Outside of Clemson, that conference is trash.

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think Mack Brown would disagree.

FSU and Miami will be back in the mix this year as well.

edit - if the season happens.

If notre dame is joining a conference then this season is happening.

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All the evidence is pointing to a season happening. In fact, some games are even being moved up a week.

The only questions are:

How many games will be played?

How many of those games will be non-conference?

How many fans will be in the stands?

How will quarantine rules work when players test positive?

Interesting fallout from the ACC announcement:

Also, interesting that ACC canceled Fall golf season yet will play football.

From the golf article:
"Golf is joined by men’s and women’s tennis, rowing, men’s and women’s lacrosse, softball and baseball in having the fall portion of its season scrapped. Those sports – all multi-season sports that hold their championships in the spring – will be permitted, however, to practice this fall, and individuals can compete unattached to their teams.

Meanwhile, field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, and volleyball will begin conference-only schedules on or shortly after Sept. 10. The first Saturday of ACC football will be Sept. 12."

It seems that the ACC went with the revenue generators and those sports where it requires the most participants.

We do have good news…we are getting closer to a vaccine!

I think he was referring to our schedule. Let’s leave COVID discussions on its own threads. We don’t want this thread to get deleted too.

Dang, all I said was that we do have some good news…geez

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I like your message but you brought up one of the political terms of these days, “vaccine”, that would surely start a nasty debate like on the other threads.

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LOL, I have lost contact I guess because I quit reading that stuff on this board…got me in Coogfans jail and I plan on staying out…


Butch, that’s funny.

Notre Dame affiliates all other sports with ACC…Due to cancellation of Notre Dame PAC 12 and SEC B1G opponents, it is only natural for them to play an ACC schedule this year and compete for a conference title…ACC has been years trying to get them to join in FB…Now we will see how it works out…I DO think ND will return to independent schedule…Long time rivalries with USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue and NAVY will not just go away…Also, intense new rivalry with Stanford and Boston College…

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They are a B1G member only for hockey.

I suspect that they’ll eventually join the B1G for all sports.

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I’m not so sure ND will join the B1G in all sports since they had that opportunity before joining the ACC. I suspect ND would not drop their own TV deal to join the B1G.

Notre Dame subsequently joined the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports except football, in which Notre Dame maintains its independent status as long as it plays at least five games per season against ACC opponents. This was believed to be the major stumbling block to Notre Dame joining the Big Ten, as Notre Dame wanted to retain its independent home game broadcasting contract with NBC Sports, while the Big Ten insisted upon a full membership with no special exemptions.

Could be. Must be nice for a school to have a large enough “subway alumni” base to permit it to have its own national TV contract!


Lord knows how susceptible college golf is to the virus with all those huge crowds. It’s a breeding ground for another wave of the pandemic I tell you!