ESPN's Best Chance to Enter Bowl Undefeated

Makes you wonder if they find Louisville that good or the rest of their schedule that weak. Or maybe a combination of both. Either way I hope that Louisville stays undefeated (and is overconfident facing us coming in to TDECU) until they see us and us likewise. Of course #1-0 vs Texas State.

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ESPN’s FPI is a well known hack of an index. Louisville still plays at Clemson and at our house. I’d bet against them going undefeated and not think twice. Classic over reaction.


Oh I completely agree, they are known for the most asinine statistics. Ex. Houston Cougars are undefeated on Saturday night games where the temperature is above 87.3 degrees and a 3/4 moon is in the sky during the month of October.

I wonder what ESPN had Louisville for winning against Fl State

FPI is utter garbage. Herman has ridiculed it in interviews before.

Follow Massey, he’s the best and most reputable. Avoid FPI and Bill Connelly like the plague.

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For comparison, Massey has Louisville at 4.2% to go undefeated and that’s not even counting a potential ACC Championship game, so you could even safely slice that 4.2% in half.



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