It is not on any of my apps.I have ESPN+, is it on there ?

It’s on the regular ESPN app. ESPN+ is the separate service

EspnU is on youtube tv are those the apps you mean?

I have direct tv and it carries espnu

I have AT&T Uverse and it shows the UH-USF game on the Roku ESPN app.

ESPNU is channel 725 on Comcast.

Thanks everyone!

My Roku has it listed on the ESPN+channel. BTW- Decided to watch a little bit of the Princeton VS Dartmouth game tonight out of curiosity. I wonder how either one of these squads would do up against Southlake Carroll or Katy etc.


We have Sling, but have to get Hulu for ESPNU. Is there another way in Sling that I’m

Giena. Go online and purchase sports extra package is n sling for $10 a month.

Then again Hulu might be cheaper than that


Good idea, thanks. We have regular ESPN, don’t get why all these providers don’t just throw it with the package.