Even though their fans are a-holes

Tech fans ran their mouth after beating us. But their head coach seems like a good dude

Former Cedar Hill High School FB coach, former Baylor assistant, Joey McGuire.

One of his Tech players suffered a terrible leg injury at NC State. And i believe had to stay at hospital in North Carolina to get surgery on his leg. While the rest of the team returned to Lubbock

Here’s the coach, greeting him at the airport


Some of our fans went on the TT fan board before the game and ran their mouths and provoked them, they beat us AGAIN, so they can run their mouths about us, hopefully next year our posters won’t go on their boards, they knew who they are, cause TT will probably beat us again


Our fans may have provoked Tech fans before the game but their fans were a-holes well before that.


I don’t favor provoking fans before an away game


I think it’s dumb to go on other teams’ boards and do all that smack stuff. Maybe, due to my age, I just can’t get accustomed to poor sportsmanship from players or fans. I always thought you should just boost your team at games and not boo anyone but the refs. As for the boards, say what you wish on your own board, but if you go to the other team’s board, do it with good sportsmanship.


There are certain guys in the business that are genuine good dudes. Joey is one of them.


It is reflected in recruiting.

Yes, it’s best not poke the bear – unless, of course, one actually wants an angry bear.


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We have a few a-hole fans who love to do this, it’s a bad look for UH overall and really makes the individual look like a fool.


It’s humiliating because it’s the people that none of us would want representing any of us in any matter.

And the worst part is they don’t see how bad they make themselves and the rest of us look.

It’s high school shenanigans and childish. Very immature!

People need to grow up and show some dang class.


It’s not just your generation or age that thinks this behavior is ridiculous.

We are the ones that have to show up to work with them and hear about these idiots.


Trolls gonna troll. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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One way to put a stop to the TT smack talk would be to defeat them on the field of play.


Right on. I have family members like this who, ‘don’t see how bad they make themselves and and the rest of us look.’

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Idiots come in many colors. No school is immune from it.


Per capita, we’re right there.


That poster is a total embarrassment. He goes on opponents boards and talks mad ****. In a very classless manner. Represents the coog fanbase in the worst way.

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UH trolls don’t represent us anymore than that tech troll that used to post here represented them. It’s the internet/social media. No stopping it

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Josanna & I were at Tech game in our Cougar gear & were treated great by the Tech fans. Polite, friendly & many stated how good for the Big12 that we would be members. Eye opener is their Athletic facilities, great illustration of benefits of the $ in Big 12 vs American.


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