Everett Withers fired at Texas State


I’d imagine that they’ll make a run at K.Briles if they’re smart. Hell, they may make a run at Art and figure that they can fly under the radar since they’re Texas State. Interesting one to watch.

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I would imagine Kendal would laugh at that offer.


Depends on how much they’d pony up. Texas State is in a good recruiting area just south of Austin and up the road from San Antonio. They should be better than they have been so far and a good coach with an exciting offense would probably have great success there…

However, I’d be surprised if Kendal goes there unless they throw the bank at him. He can do better…including staying at UH as the OC.

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A P5 OC job would be better than Texas St HC at this point, looking at the long term. He could get that after this year or wait until after next year and for sure have those options. What are others thoughts on Withers as a DC candidate for us?

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Well we do like hiring unemployed people for coordinators. Why stop now?


As long as we stop hiring guys who were fired from the coaching position we are hiring them for.


I was just joking around. Knew what you meant. What if the DC was part of a clearing house like what might happen at Texas Tech?

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If I were the AD, I’d be calling Elf’s agent asap

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Depends if they are the reason the HC is getting fired. With Gibbs, I think he extended Kingsbury’s job a couple years. That said, I am not dead set on bringing him back if he comes available and wants to be back.

Everett Withers has been a DC at

Ohio St

If he has “fire in the belly” to coach next year, I would at least look at him and see if he’s a fit here for DC.


If Briles were to make a move, would Philip Montgomery be interested in coming back? I’m not sure what his standing is with Tulsa. At 2-8, it can’t be good.

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He is not going to Texas State lol

I doubt he considers them. I’m pretty sure from what I remember CMA was offered or asked to interview for UTSA job after 2015 but turned down interview request. I think schools like that are better to go after high caliber FCS coach like when Fritz went to Ga Southern when he left SHSU or like Whiters leaves JMU and goes to TXST. Btw JMU won FCS championship year after he left but they were ready, even so he left for $$ which made sense.

Briles isn’t going to Texas St, if he jumps it’ll be for 3X the money as a P5 OC

I think Briles goes to Texas Tech before Texas State. The morality police won out with the ouster of Mike Leach. They will be told to shut up this time around.

So Gibbs got Kk extended when his defenses gave up 43 points per game both of first 2 years? Great gig if you can get it.

KB to Texas State probably won’t happen. But it’s not as far fetched as some of you think.

Withers also probably won’t happen as DC, but Tx State improved dramatically on that side of the ball. Tx State is my local college and IMO the firing has much more to do with their extremely embattled AD trying to take the heat off himself and personal friction between EW and that AD.

If my only choices were EW or the current DC I’d take EW and frankly wouldn’t think much about it.

As long as you don’t make him the face of your program. This piece is brutal.


Agreed, if he can’t handle the “pressure” at Texas State forget about a big time job.

For what it’s worth he apologized to the reporter (Keff Ciardello- who covers TxSt for the Austin paper) shortly after.

I’d still take him over our current defensive coordinator.