Everyone Knows of Sam Huff

The great Sam Huff passed away. He was a champion MLB for the NY Giants until he complained about the way the team was being run. He was then traded to the hated Washington Foreskins for the forgettable Dik James and Andy Stynchula. The Giants the spent decades lost in the loser’s wilderness.

Rip Sam

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My most vivid memory of Sam Huff was in the NFL Championship game where he met Jimmy Taylor head up on a run and Taylor ran right over him like Farrow did the DB in the Armed Forces Bowl.

He was a great one!

Sam Huff played with and for Tom Landry in the 1950’s.

Both became Legends.

I like to purchase 1959 NY Giants team cards. Only card with Tom Landry & Vince Lombardi on it

Sam was a great one. Headed up Marriott sports programs after playing days. Met him briefly. Quite a career.

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