Evolution of UH logos

Here is the logo evolution of HJC and UH

Logos through the years… this is in progress as I cleanup/enhance some of these logos.

Houston Junior College (1927-1934)

1928 - First known logo of our beloved Mascot by Mr. Carroll Canatella.

1929 - HJC Jersey

1929 - HJC Cougar Jersey

1930 - HJC Cougar Jersey - White Jersey with Blue Cougar, Blue Pants

1932 - HJC Cougar by Mr. Adolph Marks

University of Houston (1934 - 1945)

1934 - First interlocking logo - Cougar Ice Hockey team

1936 - Cougar Basketball Jersey

1937 - Cougar Baseball Jersey

1938 - Cougar drawing

  • 1938 UH Yell leaders (you can make out the interlocking logo with “Cougar” face on back of shirt and scripting for the UH megaphone)

-1945 UH Cheerleader

University of Houston (1946 onward) - Sports return at the intercollegiate level

-1946 - UH Men’s basketball jersey (the one and only, Guy V. Lewis).

… to be completed.


Bookmarking this post…once again thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot. Wish we still had a hockey team.


That is a lot of great nostalgia and some nuggets I was not aware of.

This jersey is so bad. Lol