Ex Baylor QB transfers to USF


Interesting move.

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Why’d he leave?

Article said Aranda told him he wouldn’t start, did he want to go in the portal?

Standard reason these days.

I recall Holgerson mentioning how USF was “trending in the right direction” despite their losing record when we played them last season.

USF played us really tough in their stadium, to the point that I thought they were going to win it since no matter what our Defense did, their QB always found a way to find an open man…iirc, it wasn’t until Herslow’s phenomenal TD catch that the game began to shift in our favor.

I’m very interested to see how they look on the field next season.


Good we play them at home. Hopefully they are pretty decent this year

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No lie here…I was there at the USF game last year in Buccaneer Stadium. The vibe was fantastic, and we had to play at a high level to finally get some separation…
Their skill players showed flashes of greatness, but the overall player level was far behind ours.

But CDH is correct…that coach is going in the right direction for sure. Very glad to have them at TDECU this last and final year…


USF has always had some of the better athletes in the American. Their problem is coaching. On paper they should be set up to run the AAC 2.0 along with Memphis. We’ll see how that pans out.

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Im surprised since their true freshman qb McClain has a high ceiling


I agree…perhaps the coach wants some QB competition?

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