Exhausted, hungry and sleep-deprived: UCLA student super-commuters search for relief - Los Angeles Times

Who said UCLA. Wasn’t a commuter University? Remember discussion saying it wasn’t.

I used to spend an hour on 59 from Hilcroft when it was a couple of lanes. I would work late (sometimes to 3 - 4am) every day. On the days when I could get out by midnight, I usually went to a cocktail waitress’s place and rolled into 8am math class less than refreshed. I left class and went to work, that’s how it was.

Quite honestly, I’m tired of all the whining. If I got 5 hours sleep during my 3.5 years of school, that was a good night.


I want to hear about the cocktail waitress.

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An odd thing to take a stance on.

I doubt there were many studies back then attributing sleep deprivation to severe health problems (yes, I know they are in their late teens, early twenties, mainly). Or the effects on sleep deprived driving being as dangerous as drunk driving.

This is generations later. The equivalency would be the college guys 50 years prior wearing raccoon coats and saying “Twenty-three skidoo!”

I don’t see an issue with this. All current UH students and those from the 2000s on got better amenities at UH. Progress happens.


+1 for 23-skidooo

Exactly. When I lived in Huntington Beach my commute to Culver City was close to…TWO hours, yes two hours. Anyone that lives in So Cal or the Bay area can tell you that traffic is, has been and will always be a problem. People contribute to it but the California geography is the culprit. There is no way to take out mountain ranges to build freeways. You do have some toll roads but they are highly backed up for the same reason…Geography. Another Pultizer prize winning article from the latimes. :roll_eyes:


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I commuted from sugar land to UH. I practically lived in the architecture building. I just went home to sleep. Sometime, a lot of times, I slept in studio under my drafting table. There are showers on the 4th floor so it wasn’t that bad. It’s also open 24 hours a day. It was like a big frat house actually.

Commuters rule!

Yup, I lived up North and even had night classes. There is nothing wrong with commuting.

Ok so UCLA is more like us which is good bc we need to become them. Lol


Well done.