Expanded Houston Area TV Ratings

David Barron tackled 2015 College Football TV Ratings in Houston beyond the Top 20 list that most of have seen:

TV ratings show SEC, Big 12 in close race to claim dominance in Houston

College football games with 2.0 or better rating in Houston

By network: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU 59, CBS 12, Fox/FS1 10, NBC 2.
By conference (home team): SEC 24, Big 12 20, Big Ten 14, ACC 8, American 8, Pac-12 6, Notre Dame 3.
By school (home or away): Alabama 10, Texas 9, LSU 8, Notre Dame 8, Baylor 7, Houston 7, Oklahoma 7, TCU 6, Oklahoma State 5, Ole Miss 5, Auburn 4, Michigan 4, Michigan State 4, Ohio State 4, Texas A&M 4, Texas Tech 4, USC 4.


On top of that, the Twitter Account, Cougar Football Feed, compiled some numbers and tweeted these out:


Thanks pray10 for the recent posts. Good stuff.

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Numbers from this year are going to be what’s most telling. If you notice, our numbers didn’t rise until after mid point in the season. Herman was an unknown commodity at the beginning of the season, so we didn’t pull the numbers that we could have pulled if people knew we were going to go on a 13-1 tear.

We beat Oklahoma in the opener, at least 4 of the top 20 games in Houston will be UH. It just depends on the amount of broadcast network games we get. We already know we’re going to be on cable several times.

It would be interesting to see national numbers compared to Cincinnati given they are our competition for P5 invites.

These are very important and revealing numbers. Houston, without any regional rivalries to boost numbers, smashes the ratings of the Big 12 in networks games and is pretty much even in cable games. We bring eyeballs.

What an idiot that guy is. :smiley:

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