Expansion Link Dump - Aug 16th

Another light news day regarding expansion:

All 18 Big 12 expansion candidates seeded in the ultimate realignment bracket
Stewart Mandel

Ends up being Houston and Cincinnati.


ESPN doesn’t want to pay money for a Big 12 network or pay for expansion, yet they keep spending money on other sports/leagues/conferences. Maybe the Big 12 will stick it to them and try to expand by4 to maximize revenue.

Twitter-apy session: It appears Mike Gundy got your attention

Emig basically spends the entire article defending Gundy and his comments.

UConn President Says No Plans To Lobby Big 12

"I know people roll their eyes at this, but this is supposed to be fun,’’ she said. “You know the athletes are in it because they enjoy it. The fans go because they want to support our athletes and they enjoy it. So everyone, including presidents and deans and faculty, need[s] to step back and remember why we are in it.”

“It’s a reminder to me that no matter what happens with all the conference realignment and the media contracts and all that stuff, we’re here to win,” Herbst continued. “We’re here to have fun. We’ve got to keep that central to our hearts.”

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