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Confidentiality Agreements have been signed so any news going forward will probably be just folks guessing until an announcement is made. 2 more schools were added today (Rice and UNLV) to bring the total to 20.

National Writers

Big 12 expansion: Ranking the top 10 candidates and breaking down the latest
Expansion is heating up for the Big 12 and there are plenty of irons in the fire
Dennis Dodd

In a roundabout way, though, don’t be surprised if all of this results in Texas and Oklahoma staying put in the Big 12. It’s the best place for each program to conference championships and chase College Football Playoff bids.

Coogfans Thread: Big 12 expansion: Ranking the top 10 candidates and breaking down the latest


Coogfans Thread: Oral History of the Formation of the Big 12

‘Halo effect’ bolsters UConn’s, Tulane’s chances
Jake Trotter

Cincinnati and Houston, also candidates, are also both Carnegie Tier 1 schools, and the same goes for Colorado State and Central and South Florida.

Academic Ranking of World Universities released their 2016 Rankings

Notable U.S. University Ranks

UH : 72-98
Cinci : 72-98
USF : 72-98
Uconn : 99-119
BYU : 120-137
UCF : 120-137
Memphis : NR

Big 12 School Rankings:
30 UT
72-98 Iowa State
72-98 Kansas
120-137 Oklahoma State
120-137 Texas Tech
120-137 West Virginia
Other 4 are unranked

Other Notable U.S. Rankings
38 Rice
51-61 Texas A&M
72-98 New Mexico
99-119 Temple
99-119 UT-Dallas
120-137 San Diego State

Coogfans Thread: New ARWU rankings are out

Expansion Candidate Writers

Big 12 hopes
If any college deserves an invitation to join the Big 12, it’s the University of Houston.
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If any college deserves an invitation to join the Big 12, it’s the University of Houston. UH has built a new $128-million football stadium and it’s about to spend another $60-million renovating the basketball arena that was the home of the legendary Coach Guy V. Lewis. That’s in addition to more than $21-million that the school has dedicated to its athletic programs in each of the last three years.

How does BYU compare to other Big 12 expansion candidates in terms of athletic success?

One germane point to this discussion is BYU’s record against the two premier programs in the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas. The Cougars have posted a 6-1 all-time mark against the Sooners and Longhorns. Four of those games have been played since 2009. And BYU’s victory in the 1997 Cotton Bowl came against the Big 12’s Kansas State.

Brad Rock: Big 12 expansion: Market size matters … but not really

Now Colorado State is claiming the Denver TV market, 17th-largest in the country. But Denver isn’t necessarily sold on Colorado, much less CSU. The University of Cincinnati is in the 36th-largest TV market. But Ohio State owns Ohio. Houston and Rice say they can capture the fourth-largest city in America. But after Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU and Texas A&M divide things up, who’s left? SMU is a must for Dallas-Fort Worth — or so it wishes.

USF continues to make case to join the Big 12 (w/video)

The material, initially derided on social media for a spelling error, was provided Tuesday following a public-records request from the Tampa Bay Times. It also includes a 23-page, full-color “highlights book,” showcasing the bay area and some of the school’s most prominent academic and athletic accomplishments.

USF’s five-year strategic plan, presented in May by athletic director Mark Harlan to a board of trustees work group, also is included in the package.

USF misspells research in pitch to the Big 12 as a research university

And the error is too bad after the university went through all the trouble of making this Nike-esque video to promote the university. Take a look, and be sure to take note of the attractive woman doing ”reasearch.”

Rice makes presentation to join Big 12

Rice has invested in athletic facility upgrades around campus. Tudor Fieldhouse was renovated in 2008. There are renovations planned for Reckling Park. The $31.5 million Brian Patterson Sports Performance Center just opened this summer on the north end of Rice Stadium.

Coogfans Thread: Rice presents to Big12 Presidents

Getting you answers regarding Big 12 expansion and A-State

Region 8 sports reached out to A-State athletics and at this time they can not comment. In addition, they told Region 8 they have no press release available regarding this story and none has been written.

An interview with Athletic Director Terry Mohajir has been requested and that is something that is in the works. As soon as we have answers we will get them for you.



“When was the last time Ohio State lost a game to an in-state opponent?”

We should all know by now it was a 7-6 loss to Oberlin in 1921 due to Aflac’s Trivia Question, which seemingly asks the same thing every time the Buckeyes play Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Kent State, Miami, Ohio University or Toledo.

7 programs the SEC could target in expansion

Last one on the list:
Houston: Probably the longest shot on this list, the up-and-coming Cougars are nestled in the heart of a major TV market and a recruiting hotbed. Whether Tom Herman is still there (ha) or not, Houston is a perfectly acceptable fallback option for the SEC if the league somehow finds itself desperately needing to expand.

The most radical NCAA conference realignment plan you’ve ever seen

The plan: An NCAA universe that pits the most powerful programs against each other.

Featuring a revolutionary relegation system, this new league will render the terms “Big Ten” and “SEC” useless, not to mention “FBS” and “FCS.”

Funny that Boston U ranks ahead of Brown and BC. A friend’s son is going to BU but his first choice was Brown and he was waitlisted at BC.

I had to quit reading the “Oral History” article because Cunningham was making me nauseated. UT was stopped by Stanford from joining the PAC 12 and then Stanford changed their position and wanted them. The Big 10 would have loved to have had us. UT never seriously considered the SEC. The epitome of arrogance

Pray10 your posts are fantastic admissions to this forum.

Huzzah to you for continuing to gather these bookmarks for us!

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This local Connecticut article suggests that UConn may leave The American if it is not invited to join the Big 12.


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