Expansion Link Dump - Aug 22nd

Starting to get real quiet all of a sudden as the writers are having trouble finding new angles to keep feeding the beast. Just 3 links today:

I’m not one to usually include blogs in these Expansion Dump posts, but this one was pretty good and breaks down the topic with fairness.

New stadium would brighten UNLV’s future

Yes, we have what we need to compete. But if UNLV is to someday join the highest level of college football, it is important, as President Len Jessup and Athletics Director Tina Kunzer-Murphy have said, to show recruits and potential suitors that we are serious about sustained success. That means building a state-of-the-art team facility on our campus and supporting the building of a stadium near campus.

Plenty Of FCS Schools Awaiting Big 12’s Expansion Move

Another solid link breaking down the trickle down effect that Big 12 Expansion may have.

More importantly it was written by an ACC writer from the east coast basically on the merits FOR and AGAINST adding a fifth Texas school to the Big12.

Even those who are outside looking in can see the forest for the trees and can access that it is basic …

Hating Texas schools vs. a “non-starter” that my famous 3-legged blind truffle hunting sow can see.

I suspect that it will really come down to leaving a free gift and up and coming power out for the taking by another P5 if you don’t secure it first … residing in Texas or not.

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