Expansion Link Dump - Aug 23rd

Biggest news is that Cincinnati submitted a 4 sentence letter to the Big 12 expressing their interest…slow news day. Things remain quiet (not counting the rumors that continue to fly from those claiming “sources”):

UConn’s athletic budget much larger than other Big 12 expansion hopefuls
By Berry Tramel

Tramel doubles down on UCONN by adding their spending on athletics as another reason to support them. Berry treats this as it’s a brand new fact.

UH president Renu Khator met with UT booster Red McCombs to talk Big 12

Note the dates. Don’t be a C. Austin Cox and believe that this happened yesterday.

In a Feb. 4 email, Khator wrote to McCombs that his “passion for helping others achieve their dreams is inspiring.”

Khator met with McCombs in his San Antonio office on Jan. 28.

Read UC’s letter of interest to Big 12

It’s believed schools wanting to join the Big 12 were required to submit a letter of interest. Davenport’s four-sentence letter was submitted to Bowlsby through the Big 12’s Kansas City-based law firm. It asks attorney Kevin Sweeney to direct inquiries to Karen Kovach, UC’s lead attorney.

“I have no comment on Big 12 expansion,” Karlgaard said. “Our academic and athletic success and reputation of integrity should be an attractive combination in the ever-changing world of college athletics.”

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