Expansion Link Dump - Aug 26th

Another heavy day as everyone is getting antsy. Coogs get some good press from Sam Khan on ESPN, David Ubben makes some “bold” predictions about the Big 12, ECU promises to deliver North Carolina, and more:

Note: It’s hard for me to include Dallas Morning News articles as they have a 4 article limit each month. Others on this board usually provide the worthwhile articles.

Facilities and coach contracts highlight Cougars’ effort to spend like a Power 5 team
Sam Khan

Asked what a conversation is like when Herman comes to him asking for something for his program that will cost money, Yurachek laughs.

“He has a phrase he loves to tell me, just ‘Charge it to winning,’” Yurachek said. “When he comes to me it’s something he genuinely identified that he needs to make his program successful.”

Coogfans Thread: Facilities and coach contracts highlight Cougars' effort to spend like a Power 5 team

Big 12 bold Predictions
David Ubben

2. The Big 12 gets cold feet in expansion
9. Tom Herman is the highest-paid coach in America in 2017.
10. Art Briles is a head coach next season.

Highlighted those three because they involve Houston. Ubben thinks the Big 12 will back down because there won’t be a consensus among the schools, thinks Herman will go to UT or A&M next year - probably UT, and thinks that UH will probably hire Briles to replace Herman. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Big 12 lacking in high-profile football schools
Berry Tramel

Among the Big 12 expansion candidates, Brigham Young is 27th; Boise State 35th; Navy 51st; Houston and Air Force tied at 63rd; Cincinnati, Colorado State and San Diego State tied for 69th; Memphis 80th; Central Florida 83rd; East Carolina 84th; South Florida 93rd; Tulane 97th; and Connecticut 101st.

But, Berry, you said the Big 12 needs UCONN.

Stoops won’t bite on Big 12 expansion talk

“I feel as though my voice is heard,” he said. “Though I always defer, because ultimately, they know more of the bigger picture than I do. But they want to know what’s my picture for football, which is important. There’s great communication there. Those [decisions] don’t seem to be distracting to us. We’re not out there dealing with that. If I’m on the radio and writing, you guys have to. In our world, we’re in here and watching football and getting ready for games. These guys are in school all day. We’re not listening to all that noise. Obviously, our strength overall is there, regardless of what the situation may be.”

University of Houston could learn Big 12 decision soon

“They have a timeline. We think in the next 60-90 days it will all be over and hopefully the University of Houston will be in the Big 12.”

Coogfans Thread: University of Houston could learn Big 12 decision soon

Sean & Rich talk about the Houston Cougars football team. If the Cougars join the Big 12, how good of a job does it become? They put it ahead of Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, & West Virginia inside the Big 12.

You guys are going to kill me for this one since its a 610 link, but Sean Pendergast and Rich Lord talked about the Cougars yesterday in a fairly nice 9 minute conversation about Tillman’s donation and how good the Cougars job would be if they made the Big 12.

Let’s Play 12 (Big) Questions

8. So how does the league figure out which schools ultimately would help them the most?

Ah, great question. One with multiple answers. But of late, all indications are that Houston has the political juice to gain entry and then it’s BYU, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Memphis and perhaps a few others, including Central Florida and South Florida, fighting for one spot or three spots. There could even be a school totally off the radar that gets invited.

Why won’t UCF and USF market together for BIG12? - College Football Now

2 minute video with Matt Murschel from the Orlando Sentinel answering the above question. Basically says “every man for themselves.” Also mentions that USF was not supportive of UCF in the past.

ECU Promises To Deliver “Entire State Of North Carolina” To Big 12

But “deliver the entire State of North Carolina?” As popular as the Pirates may be in the state, do they really stack up when compared to UNC, N.C. State, and Duke, especially when basketball popularity is factored in? That seems a bit unlikely.

Why the MAC works as a football conference - and for UB

Conference realignment has run amok the past decade, but the MAC has been the most stable Group of 5 conference. All 12 current members have been in the MAC since 1998, when UB joined.

UMass tries to survive as FBS independent

Massachusetts athletic director Ryan Bamford knows having an independent football program is not a long-term solution. With the Big 12 looking at expansion, the trickle down could open up a spot in a conference for the Minutemen soon. Or not. Regardless, Bamford believes the lonely road is worth traveling to stay in college football’s top tier.

Coog related tweets:


And the rumor monger tweets:


Would include the tweet from Greg Swaim saying that Houston is “Out,” but he blocked me for calling him out on the fact that he’s been wrong about everything for the last 4 years. Oh well.


My guess is Uncle Tillman is eating all this attention up and said he’d pay our buyout of the AAC when we get the invite into the BIGXII. Dude is getting all kinds of publicity right now for his show and restaurants and he is loving it!

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