Expansion Link Dump - October 10th

One link about the Big 12 title Game and a few tweets from Mike Aresco about the expansion process

Kansas City wants in on Big 12 football title game

For at least one year, the Big 12 would have a pair of five-team divisions. No split of the current setup has been announced, but a widely suggested format places the Kansas and Oklahoma schools in a division with Iowa State and West Virginia with the four Texas schools.

The AAC is a better conference than the Big 12 in every area except money. I’m liking the idea of ramping up for Power 6 status more and more every day. I can’t help but think that even if the Big 12 expands, we’re going to get Big East’d again.

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IMO Power 6 discussions start and end with an AAC team crashing the playoffs.

Welp, that ended 2 days ago.

We have zero leverage. Aresco can’t go in and demand anything.

I do think the AAC gets a nice raise. I believe ESPN likes the underdog narrative. Whether it be Orlando, Houston, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Memphis or whoever, when one of the schools in these cities has a great run it makes for great ratings.

UCF pulled an 18 a couple of years ago in the NY6 bowl game. (Compare that 18 to our 12.8 vs OU)

We all know how great our ratings have been this year.

Not P6 money, but a raise nonetheless.

Not sure what incentive ESPN has to give AAC a raise at all. TV holds all the cards and AAC is a cheap deal. Why make it an expensive one? Especially when you are only bidding against yourself.

Aren’t we adding Navy to the contract in 2018? I would think we would get more money by adding that Army-Navy game.

But you are right, we are not going to Fox whether or not they bid on our league.

In other words, we ain’t attention whores like those inbred divas.

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There is absolutely no chance that the AAC will get to a P status. Again, it is all about belonging to the cartel. The cartel controls the money that P5 teams make vs. G5 teams. The cartel was created by the P5 teams. We are on the sideline as every other G5 team. I hate it but that is reality and there is nothing we can do about it. Remember, even with an undefeated record you already had so called experts saying that we did not belong in the CFP. We need a P5 invite to stay relevant. That needs to happen quickly.

ESPN may throw a few more crumbs, they know the American will not go to Fox, so don’t expect much more money.

I agree with that if everything stays status quo. But I also think that if the Big 12 doesn’t expand, they are a few years away from dissolving. In that case, who’s to say the AAC couldn’t snatch up some good teams. If the Big 12 goes away, suddenly ESPN and Fox have holes in their portfolio to fill.

If nothing else, it’s nice to dream. My point is that joining the Big 12 is looking less and less appealing with each passing day. I seriously hope there are some legitimate and possible Plan Bs out there.

quit talking like we are going to stay in the American, because we arent…

Do we have an invite to a P5 conference?

You holding out on us???

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Yeah, what are you holding back from us, @aldineblue?

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