Expansion Link Dump - October 7th

Articles seem to come in waves now.

Note, I’m going to stop including Flugaur and Montemayor tweets going forward in these things; just too much BS. It was funny and thought-provoking before, but now its just idiotic and sad.

OU and Texas could save the Big 12, but do they want to?

One league official likened the budding situation to a pair of star players nearing their free agency. Instead of inking extensions with their current team, they seem intent on “testing the free agency waters.” And when the rights near their expiration, the Sooners and Longhorns could be, as yet another official put it, “floating around like bees.”

Speaking of Montemayor

Strange things have happened in conference expansion, sure. I’m not sure anyone thought we’d be seeing Maryland-Iowa games pop up on the schedule every couple of years, or that Syracuse-Pitt would one day be a crucial ACC basketball matchup. But the thought of Nebraska jettisoning the Big Ten and everything it offers is just absurd.

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Plus Oklahoma isn’t exactly struggling in the Big 12. While the presence of the Longhorn Network might grate on Sooners fans, it hasn’t led to a competitive disadvantage. This decade, Oklahoma has won three Big 12 football titles, getting to the College Football Playoff last season. The men’s basketball program reached the Final Four in Houston last spring.

One thing that consistently gets left out of these articles is that OU makes almost as much as UT and the LHN on their own Tier 3 network deal with FOX.


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Excitement About Big 12 Expansion Has Dimmed; Will Conference Stay At 10 Teams?

Earlier this week, TMG College Sports reported that ESPN and Fox are urging the Big 12 to not expand. Sources told the website that the television networks could be willing to increase payouts next season for the conference’s first championship football game and extend the overall TV contract for5 years.

Rutgers’ season tickets count is down 8.6 percent from 31,168 in 2015 to 28,478, and season ticketholder accounts are down 12 percent from 7,405 in 2015 to 6,511, according to data obtained by NJ Advance Media in response to an Open Public Records Act request.

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The plague of mediocrity rears it’s ugly head …

sorta reminds moi of the story 'bout dressing up an ole mule to look like a Kentucky thoroughbred … fools the folks until you bring it to the starting gate … ring the bell … and it goes back to being the ole mule again …

I gather bringing the buckeyes DC to Joisey just didn’t work out like it did when UH brought Herman to Houston.

Rutgers is still the ole dog it used to be and fans want to see a winner and watching the bottom of the rung B1G teams beat up on their home just “ain’t” gonna cut it.

If its any consolation … I did notice a LOT of empty seats in the student’s upper level section at Spartan stadium when those “stinking” baadgurs visited MichSt a few weeks ago

The Rutgers article is really interesting.

Rutgers is averaging 42,995 fans through its first three home games – the crowd of 39,680 on Sept. 17 was the smallest since Dec. 7, 2013 – but is anticipating a sellout at 7 p.m. Saturday against Michigan, according to Brown. Attendance should get another boost next week from Homecoming.

There was alot of excitement with getting into the B1G, but getting your head kicked in for a couple of years will temper than excitement. I would assume alot of brokers bought tickets too and figured that the demand isn’t there week after week. It should be noted that the stadium there seats 52k.

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