Expansion Link Dump - Sept 3rd

Main news is that Memphis and Temple are out, but there’s also an article from Berry Tramel on our journey over the years to where we are now.

Sources: Memphis out as potential Big 12 expansion candidate

However, the Tigers did not make the latest cut when the league trimmed its group of potential candidates by one-third, leaving 11 schools still alive in the Big 12’s expansion sweepstakes.

Those 11 schools are Air Force, BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, UConn, Colorado State, Houston, Rice, South Florida, SMU and Tulane. The list does not include Temple, which had been previously reported by ESPN as still being in the mix.

Next week in Dallas, representatives from each of those 11 schools will make in-person presentations to Big 12 officials, sources said. The league has said it hopes to make a decision on expansion by the Big 12’s regularly scheduled board of directors meeting on Oct. 17.

Coogfans Thread: Wow - Memphis didn't make the first cut

Houston knows well what’s at stake in expansion
Berry Tramel

Houston has a new stadium (opened in 2014), a great quarterback (Greg Ward Jr.), a fabulous coach, a marquee season opener against the Sooners and a chance at Big 12 membership.

The Cougars’ know better than anyone how important that chance is.

Rudd won’t comment on report that Big 12 gave Memphis the cold shoulder

“Despite numerous requests, I have not and will not respond to questions about Big XII expansion,” Rudd said late Friday in a statement on his Twitter account. “We will honor this commitment to confidentiality.”

Big 12 expansion snub is devastating news; once again it’s Memphis vs. Errrbody

But it seems to be true. And it’s a stunning development. This isn’t Memphis just barely losing out at the end. This is Memphis not making the final dozen schools.

Tulane, Rice and Colorado State are still on the list. So are SMU, South Florida and Air Force.

It’s a slap in the face to the university, to FedEx, and to University of Memphis president David Rudd, personally. It’s a public humiliation.

Source: Temple cut from Big 12 expansion field

Temple is aware of the story, and the source said the Big 12 has not contacted the school about a decision.

Twitter Musings

In regards to Rice and SMU still being considered:

In regards to Rice being considered:

In regards to Louisville being included in the ACC:

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What do you think about Air Force? Doesn’t seem legitimate to me. They don’t exactly compete on many levels with the current conference alignment. Can’t see them getting much better if they were p5.

Flugeville is embellishing what he is hearing from his OU contacts who are reporting some serious impasses…

Mainly it would seem between what Texas wants and what Kansas wants.

This is just a guess but Texas has the votes to block what it doesn’t like and vote only for what they want …

Even going to four members the jayhawks are producing it would appear roadblocks with BYU and AF at partial $$-partners and Cincy and Uconn at full. AF and UConn being questionable choices.

Another guess is if Kansas was speaking from strength which they are not being the runt and bottom of the totem pole in the conference wins and attendance-wise then it would make a difference … they seem to just be antagonist at this point going against the horns and TV networks just for the sake of being adversarial.

If Kansas keeps that stance, Texas would leave the Big 12 and then Oklahoma would follow.

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Kansas thing. Kansas wants to protect Kansas basketball. unfortunately, they have a group that can block as well (KSU & ISU).

But in the end, horse trading will happen to get it done. Air Force won’t be part of this.

Thanks, got too much time on my hands; figured I’d use it to promote the Coogs. Miss going to games the most. Hoping to make a few of them.

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Luv the Hunger Games metaphor. :+1:

“Craig Thompson confirmed Saturday that his conference will look to expand independent of what the Big 12 does. And, more to the point, Thompson doesn’t hide the fact that the league would like a presence in the state of Texas.”

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UTEP has long been rumored to the MWC and I wouldn’t be surprised if they target UTSA to try to get into San Antonio.

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