Expansion Link Dump - September 16th

Yep, saw that Thamel article. Not sure on Pete though as he was saying that UH had no chance until UT came out in support of UH. Now he says that UH has a chance, but that UT’s support probably isn’t real. That makes me believe his contacts are anti-UH and don’t really know what the current administration at UT thinks.

Don’t get me wrong, Thamel’s thorough; just look at his article when he was embedded with UH. Just don’t think his sources are solid.

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The PAC is not going to take religious school. That it a fact.

not sure what some are reading but Thamel basically says if Big 12 expands by 2 or 4, we are in—70% and he gives Big 12 30% for no expansion…He seems to understand if they come to an understanding to do something we are in…which is true…

We are going to the big12 boys! In bed with UT again. Be mature and learn from our mistakes.

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