Expansion Link Dump - September 24th

Jake Trotter released an article that basically broke down where expansion stood (as far as he could tell). Number of new quotes from anonymous sources. Chuck Carlton did a much shorter article basically saying the same thing. Kansas boosters are starting to realize that the writing may be on the wall for the Big 12 and that football is important. Kansas’s president will also be stepping down next summer; the Big 12 already has 2 sitting interim presidents and now has an outgoing one. Finally, Liberty University has been looking to move up and is keeping an eye on expansion to see if there’s a fit in an FBS conference for them.

The latest developments in Big 12 expansion

  • One Big 12 insider from a non-Texas school pointed out that having another game in the state of Texas would be one way in which adding Houston could actually help recruiting.

  • Yet even after Boren’s most recent public comments, multiple Big 12 officials still believe that Oct. 17 will most likely be Decision Day for the conference – one way or the other.

  • “Nobody agrees on the teams right now,” one Big 12 official noted.

  • As one industry insider put it, “I don’t know how they could go through all this and not expand.”

  • But the LGBT community’s opposition to BYU because of its honor code has turned BYU’s candidacy “toxic,” as one Big 12 insider characterized it.

  • “If the two parents don’t commit [to signing the extension],” said one industry source, “what does that tell you?”

  • Said another: The Big 12 “could be close to the end.”


Boren notwithstanding, expect that to continue in the buildup to a pivotal board of directors meeting Oct. 17. Multiple school and industry sources indicated schools are now looking at whom to align behind – if anyone – with likely horse-trading.

Kansas football’s ‘tragic shape’ has consequences beyond David Beaty, Sheahon Zenger

But this is about much more than the future employment of an earnest administrator. This is about the future of the athletic department, and university, a point driven home by Dana Anderson — the football program’s biggest booster.

“It’s imperative, ultimately, that if there’s conference realignment or whatever that we have a program that’s competitive,” Anderson said. “Everybody realizes that. Everyone on the staff is well aware.”

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little stepping down

Bernadette Gray-Little, who built a reputation as a quiet, poised and effective chancellor of the University of Kansas, said Thursday in a letter to students and staff that she will step down next summer.

Flames mailbag: Quarterbacks, penalties, realignment, oh my

For those who have been following Liberty or are diehard alums, that statement isn’t news. Falwell announced at the 2012 graduation that Liberty was FBS ready and ever since then, the chance to jump up has been the goal. First, there was the flirtation with the Sun Belt Conference that wasn’t reciprocated, and now there is the possibility of another wave of conference realignment once the Big 12 figures out what it wants to do.

Twitter Musings


Turner Gill is the coach of Liberty?
After his Kansas debacle it makes sense to start over.;

A dynamite running QB for Neb. in his day.

Not even the Wizard of Oz maybe able to help Liberty … who is turning into not only into the BYU (unwritten honor code-wise) of the east coast but also the Baylor of the south west …

Link …

And Gill appears to be almost as inept as Briles in putting out the fire …

the bottom rung of the G5s the Sun Belt won’t touch them so its seriously doubtful anyone else will in spite of their president stating that moving up to FBS is imminent.


more of the same and it appears nothing has changed below the radar-wise and we will no doubt know the moment it is settled whether OU gets its way or the horns do.

OU wins and its that Sinatra song … My Way … the end and final curtain …

UT wins and the end is delayed another nine years …