Expansion Link Dump - September 26th

Only 2 articles today, one from Austin and one from Enid, OK

  • Cedric Golden of the Statesman seems to be pro-UH to the Big 12
  • Dave Ruthenberg says that the Big 12 better expand before it falls apart

Golden: Houston making its case for the Big 12

I’ve gone back and forth on this issue of Houston joining the Big 12 over the last few months but I’m thinking now is the time to get the Cougars in here to sexy up a league that had zero teams ranked inside the AP top 15 at the start of play Saturday. Shoot, the Cougars have already blown out one present Big 12 school (Oklahoma) then followed up by spanking a Big 12 wannabe (Cincinnati).

Ruthenberg: Big 12 needs to expand while it’s still desirable

Right now, the league still has appeal similar to that of a multi-level mansion on a lakefront to a prospective, well-heeled home buyer. But a closer inspection, especially with more time to evaluate, may reveal it’s a false facade hiding what the league has resembled on the field, which has lately been more akin to a single wide situated on a dry creek.

The Big 12 has plenty of going for it with its storied football schools, but needs to pull the trigger now, while it’s still desirable.


Love the analogy about the small12 and the multi-level mansion. This is who they need to call. Mr.Brown should be replaced by CTH. Needs a CTH pic too.


Ruthenberg is really kinda right but wrong in a way.

I think we all know the B12 is the least healthy, and the most likely to collapse, and if there was a viable second option, we wouldn’t be wasting time with the singlewide.

But, when you’re homeless and a storm is coming, that singlewide starts to look pretty nice.

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