Expansion Link Dump - September 6th

Not a lot out there on Labor Day as everyone recovers from a great weekend. SBNation ranks the candidates based on how they did in Week 1. Big 12 coaches were asked about Houston. The Mountain West seems to be pushing forward with looking at expansion.

POWER RANKING the Big 12 expansion candidates by nothing but their 2016 seasons

The happiness zone

2. BYU, 1-0 (18-16 W vs. Arizona)

Beating Arizona in Arizona shines the POWER RANKINGS résumé, but know what might boost the actual résumé for real? Cougars fans outnumbering Wildcats in the stands, not that it’s a surprise.

1. Houston, 1-0 (33-23 W vs. Oklahoma)

If the Big 12 doesn’t add UH, everyone will call the Big 12 cowards.

Big 12 coaches show healthy respect for Houston

“You can recruit really good players right there in that city and surrounding area,” said Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury, a former UH assistant. “It’s a recruiting hotbed.

“We had some good teams when I was there, and now Tom (Herman) has them in the spotlight.”

Mountain West commissioner says expansion is possible

“I’ve challenged our membership to think about expansion — with or without losing [current] members,” Thompson said. “Do we look east? Do we look at the state of Texas, for example? So that’s probably going to be something we have to confront this year.”


Twitter Musings

The biggest Memphis/Cincinnati backer weighs in:

Only a home town homer calls the horns a sleeping giant … Lyttle … eh … sounds like a famous scene from Young Frankenstein

Horns up: Several Big 12 coaches said the boost Texas gave the league by beating Notre Dame outweighs the potential drawback of dealing with a sleeping giant awakened in Austin.

Uhhh … the sleeping giant dozed off and went back to sleep allowing the irish to come back in the game after a comfortable lead while awake.

I know EVERYONE here wants the Tuna man to succeed but sometimes there is little one can do when Charile continues to behave like a glorified asst. coach instead of a “head” one.

Swoopes saved his tuna patootie one more time … but going to the well one too many times will some day NOT pay any dividends … even the lowly Kansas’s will figure it out.


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