Expectations for next year

Curious to know what people expect for next years team. I’ve read numerous posts about all the red shirts and transfers sitting out, and it seems like a lot of people are expecting 10 wins. Guys like Anoma, M Jones, Mwaniki, and Hypolite sound promising but what about the o-line and interior d-line? It all starts in the trenches, right? We lose a senior DL in Fleming but who fills the gap? I didn’t see anything from the JC transfers that tells me our interior d- line will be good next year. I thought the offensive line started the gel as season progressed and that looks less concerning to me. Defensively, however, I’m not sure how we take a big step forward without filling some holes on the interior defensive line, and I don’t see anyone ready to step in to those positions. 10 wins? I don’t see it. I’m thinking maybe seven wins, eight wins if you bring in a few more defensive lineman. Oh, and I like turns on but he makes a lot of mental mistakes. I’m not convinced he’s the answer regardless of the woes of the offense of line.

Oh, and despite all the injuries I still think Holgorson needs to hire an OC. I felt this way many times this season and tonight was no exception. Navy was loading the box and we didn’t throw one quick slant over the middle, not one. There were so many times we could’ve burned them but we didn’t. Perhaps he needs to hand over the reigns to someone else and focus on being the HC.

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How about some IMPROVEMENT???

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Anything less than bowl eligibility will give me some serious concerns.


10 wins


I am worried. Tune is not the answer at QB.
If Kind does not return, we are in trouble.


If we don’t play for the conference championship I will be po’d after putting up with this dumpster fire of a season


let start with winning our division and competing for a conference championship
next year the conference will be very different: UCF will re-emerge, Memphis, Cincinnati and Tulane could all have new coaches, SMU will continue to improve although they will have a new QB

I’m one of those amatuer sports bettors that wins a bit more than loses. Enough to keep doing it with actual currency…
I think next year’s team is going to be stupid-good. Like I’ll take the over on 10 wins good.
Someone set this on a 366 day timer and see if I knew what was up.


Buechele will be back for SMU. He’s only a junior this year. Meaning SMU will be very good with a very good QB and a very good coach.

Buechele is a junior

The road schedule is tough next year, 8-4 would be a realistic expectation.

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If we don’t make a bowl next year, Holgorsen’s seat will be hot.

I expect a whole lot better than this year. All the home games I attended were loses. Never had that.

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We had better do more than just get bowl eligibility after witnessing what we had to this year.


To me improvement is gonna have to start on the defensive side of the ball…I’m confident cauthen will be successful.

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I think Tune will be a really good QB behind a decent OL.


I expect more redshirting.