Expected College Coaching Changes in Texas

There certainly seems to be a lot of coaching changes expected fairly soon in Texas.

And, you also have to wonder where Art Briles & QB Jarrett Stidham & most of the other Baylor assistant coaches & friends are headed in January.

Latest rumor is that Stidham ends up in College Station.

Elder Briles probably doesn’t coach next year, at least at an FBS school unless someone likes Georgia State takes a flyer on him. I could also see SMU taking a flyer on him if Morris heads to Baylor; Ponies don’t seem to care about morals/ethics.

Younger Briles can probably get a head job at a G5 school if he wants, but probably could OC at a lot of places.

Charlie Strong’s firing appears to devastate Texas players and recruits


charlie leaving texas will mean a possible influx of recruits for us…i of course think cth will stay and some of those players at ut will want a stable place to play …

I think CTH is wise enough to look at the UT situation and pass. He is in exactly the same circumstances that Strong was in 3 years ago. I think he sees how the UT folks have treated him and how the players have reacted to him. I think he passes on UT.

One thing about the UT job, when they filled the job with Strong, we have to remember he was the number 8 choice. They were going hard ($10mil per year) at Saban. He saw the “quagmire” that is the UT athletics program, not just football and passes.

IF CTH goes, I will wish him well, where ever it is. I hope and pray though that he stays. He can build something here that will be amazing.