Expected turnout for the Sept 4 Texas Kickoff: TTU vs. UH

With less than 50 days until kickoff, does anyone have any insight into ticket sales/demand for the Tech game at NRG? Also, will both school bands participate in the event? Sure would be nice to draw 35K or more to the game.

Also, when does August camp begin? Looking forward to CDH’s press events. Time to generate some buzz and local interest in the FB program.

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I honestly couldn’t tell you

Part of me says a packed house post COVID, but I also anticipate to be let down

What can you do it’s UH and Tech and not UT / A&M


Excellent points regarding the match-up, however, I was impressed with the turnout at the Washington State game a couple of years ago, and most local fans would probably have a hard time locating Pullman, WA, on a map. So a regional B12 opponent should stir some interest in Houston. Still, plenty of Tech alumni in the greater Houston area; plus, I’m hoping Tech fans out in West Texas will want to visit the big city for the Labor Day weekend!



We have additional demand in our group and bought 6 extra seats for the game. I am sure others will do the same. Solid game, inside the A/C, to kick off the football season so I think it will be well attended. Games like this also bring out the closet alums.


I expect less than 30k and cheap seats


Bringing family from Dallas!


We’ve lost about half our season ticket block with no demand from any of the folks who left foe the TT game.

It’ll be a cavern.

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Huh? Are you providing evidence for or against the idea that the game against TT will be well attended?

25k-30k but hoping to be surprised. Tech should bring a decent contingent while hopefully we show at least decent.

25k-30k (like others have said). However, there could be some post Covid restriction excitement for football that I’m not accounting for.

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Announced between 30-35K. 25-30K in seats in that cavern. We need a win to gin up some real excitement for the season.


Sure would be nice to see more marketing of the event to gen up casual fan interest.


Definitely less. I would have thought the folks who didn’t renew in our block would at least want to go to the tech game. Not the case.

its a zero hype game from two teams in full blown recovery mode.

40k would be a positive in my book.


There are a lot of folks who have realized during COVID that they don’t miss sports that much and may not care about it anymore


Why should we spend marketing dollars since increased attendance brings us no additional revenue?

Not sure I understand your question. Are you saying since it is not a home game hosted at TDECU, the add’l ticket sales do not directly impact the bottom line of the UH AD? I would counter that if we can turn out additional event attendees, perhaps a percentage of those will enjoy the game experience so much, they will become recurring/regular fans, attending UH sporting events, and potential season tix holders.


As I understand it, we get a guaranteed payoff from the Texas Bowl, more than enough to cover the move. They are the ones promoting the game.

We get a pseudo home game with guaranteed revenue regardless of attendance. The game experience factor only works if the game was at tdecu. No question if we win, we will put more people in the stands for our next game, but winning anywhere would do that. Worked out well for the Oklahoma game. Looking for a repeat.

Tech attendance sucks in Houston. Couple that with our current program and 30k would be a miracle!