Experimental rules approved for the NIT

Really odd rule change that will be implemented in this year’s NIT. The halves will stay at 20 minutes, but they will reset fouls at the 10 minute mark of the half. Also, it will only take 4 fouls to get into the bonus removing the one-and-one bonus. Also, the shot lock will no longer be reset to 30 seconds if a shot clock reset occurs in the front court; instead it will be reset to 20 seconds.

I don’t understand why you would have rule changes that are this significant for a respectable post-season tournament.


I get the experimentation, there’s just no other time to try it, but why not just do 4 10-minute quarters instead of this?

NIT is seen as NCAA’s little brother. Its more of an exhibition than anything else.

The biggest issue I have with it is resetting fouls. I don’t get that at all.

Bump since it applies now

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I just have a feeling UH is going to make it to Madison square garden this year. Resetting fouls sucks though. It could get players into bad habits. But our bigs could be very aggressive.

So the game won’t stop at 10:00 mins, right? I guess that’s the reason to not have quarters.

Will the bigs be more aggressive? It doesn’t appear to me that team fouls really affect players behavior, near as much as personal fouls.

I like the shot-clock change. Obviously it doesn’t help us on offense, but with some of our struggles at defensive rebounds, this should help us out on that end of the floor. Right?

Only the team fouls get reset. Just trying a bonus set up like the NBA and eliminating the 1 & 1. The 20 second reset on offensive rebounds is just to increase the pace of the game. This is a solution in search of a problem

I think it’s idiotic to change rules for post-season after the teams have played under a different set of rules the entire year. Who in the world thought this would be a good idea?!? This is just going to cause mass confusion for fans and cause teams to spend time adjusting to new rules when they should be focused on preparing to play a certain team. The NCAA makes everything worse.

Ok, my rant is over now. Back to work.

NCAA has been considering going to the quarter system for a few years. They did it already in women’s basketball but for some reason there has been some debate on how they would do the bonus foul situation so it hasn’t happened in men’s ball yet. I don’t see this as a big deal it might actually speed up the game because it will be fewer free throws attempted.

The NCAA has gotten to the point where it just “has to DO SOMETHING” to try to prove it is still relevant. IT IS NOT!

Just leave the stupid rules alone - - - PLEASE!

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