anyone see that the whole gameday crew picked Zona to win? love the smarties in the media


Yeah and the guest winner picked UH.


I was shocked. And Kirk said Arizona was better top to bottom(i think those were his words). He showed very little respect for Ed in his preseason picks.


Typical P5 team over G5 team, from the sports experts, lol.
No respect, but what do you expect?


i know, just a group of 5 fan looking for some respect lol

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Herbstreet is a self made media tool !!

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I saw that. They usually make at least one guy pick the non-p5 team to add a little drama. I’m always pretty skeptical about the “analysis” that is standard fare on these programs. I’d like to see what they were saying before we played flast in the Peach Bowl. And I remember the unanimous conclusion (including our local media shills) that we had no chance against Okie.

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If I had a dollar for every time Herbstreit was wrong about something…


Sadly, most of the college football media pays little mind to most of the G5 at this point.

Most of them only paid attention to the fact that we struggled against Rice. Doubt many of them knew we actually crushed Rice in the 2nd half. Doubt many know that we hired Briles to run the offense. Hell, SI didn’t even predict us to be in a bowl last week.

There’s some decent guys that know some things (Chris Vannini over at the is a good one, Andy Staples at SI usually knows his stuff, and Bruce Feldman is pretty good), but the rest are just lazy.


Do not bring politics into a football discussion. There’s no place for it.


By the way, here’s the screenshot of Gameday:

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Owen picked UH, the other 3 picked AZ according to this photo.

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Yep, the other 3 bozos picked Arizona lol.

There has been a consistent effort to downplay any G5 Team beating or playing against a P5 opponent. Very little is going to be made of our win. That is how the cartel works. The message is loud and clear. You are not worthy go take a hike & be happy with the bread crumbs that we feed you.

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What do you expect. ESPN invented the “P5”.

It’s like building a robot and predicting it will fail.

The P5 is a mythical construct…funded by a network, fueled by its resources, and protected by its propaganda.


Hummmm, that sounds familiar !