EYBL Peach Jam

Tramon went for 21 p 5 reb in the opening game win against PSA. When he adds strength he is going to be hard to stop.

Houston Hoops plays Texas Titans tomorrow at 8 am.



Tramon is hard to handle.

Houston Hoops lost to Texas Titans 86-72. Tramon with 10 points on only 4-12 shooting in 21 minutes but had 6 rebounds. I didn’t get to watch any of the game, so I don’t know if it was just poor shooting or if he was being guarded really well. I don’t keep up with AAU much, but I’ve heard the Texas Titans are insanely good, so maybe there isn’t much to take from this.

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I watched most of the game and the Titans size gave Tramon and LJ Cryer problems. His lack of strength showed up against them. Langston Love is really good and pretty strong for his age. I’m pretty sure the blue bloods are about to start offering him.

The Titans seemed to be the best team as there is no answer for Cade Cunningham. Greg Brown is a mismatchup and always gets a few highlight dunks a game.

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Houston hoops plays Seattle tonight, how can I watch?

thy have a stream link