Facebook Live

Was shockingly good for us here. I streamed it to my big TV and the picture was clearer than my cable. And no stupid commercials… And the announcers were actually tolerable.

How was it for you guys?


Only problem I had was towards the end of the 3rd, part of the 4th quarter, the video froze and never started back up. I closed the browser, opened it, and went back to Facebook, but still didn’t work. Had to restart the PC, and it worked fine after that.


Set the alarm at 2am here in Paris. Streamed it on my tablet with hotel WiFi. Awesome!


Froze multiple times.

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The experience actually enhanced the game for me. It’s clear to me now the ESPN is built on an old model of tv viewing with commercials after every possession or timeout. Not to mention ESPN 3 with the constantly recycled commercials or blank “We’ll be right back” screen. They really disrupt the flow of the game.
The Facebook thing feels like the future of watching sports.


Watched it on my iPhone at home here in H’town—worked well

Enjoyed no commercials—faster paced game

Didn’t like the extended replays—we missed several downs

I was optimistic about the whole thing but it worked out terribly for me. Didn’t show up on the Facebook Video app (kept wanting to show me some car chase in Los Angeles). I looked for it on Facebook and kept getting directed to scam sites that wanted me to create an account. Finally found it by searching for “CBS Sports” and watching it there. Missed the first 17 points.

I had to use my son’s extra Facebook account but i agree with everything you said.

I watched on my desk top and worked fine. I liked the flow of the game with no commercials, felt more like a “real” game.


I only found it by the link UH sent. It looked terrible in the 2rd but looked great in the 3 & 4th quarter.
I liked taunting their fans with emojs.

As I posted before, I watched it here on my home computer, and it was one of the smoothest, highest quality internet feed games that I’ve watched.

Good broadcast!

My wife and I couldn’t get it to work. Safari on iPhone wouldn’t open it. I then used Chrome on her Mac but there was a site charging $35 a month after a five day free trial. I didn’t get the confirmation email so we canceled it. Followed game on ESPN GameCast.

I dislike Facebook for many reasons. However, it worked very well on my phone, but had a lot of buffering issues on my laptop.

I thought the presentation was very good, enjoyed the lack of commercials, and I could tell that the announcers actually prepared for the game…unlike many of the ESPN types.

I scanned through several counterfeit ones before finding the “conference usa live” link on Facebook. It worked well until about five minutes in fourth quarter. I just hope I didn’t accidentally click on virus when searching through the counterfeits.

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HDMI connection from backup/old laptop to big TV on the facebook feed linked from the Houston Cougars facebook page, worked fine after my laptop updated about two minutes in to the game.

I went into Facebook to watch it and it kept freezing. Then I went into UH Athletics and picked it up and it ran great.

Worked great. Streamed it on the firestick with the FB Watch app and used my phone for the polls and emoji trolling. I actually prefer it. No commercials and more interactive.

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Chromecast my phone onto my big screen. Picture was excellent. 20 years from now we will all be streaming everything from some platform. Get use to it.


No issues whatsoever here.

The announcers actually called the game, and were knowledgeable. The didn’t editorialize too much. And they didn’t spend half the game hyping some other game.