Fact or Fiction Thursday: Is Houston the Worst Team in the Big 12

We are still considered the worst of the worst. Quote “Dana not even trying anymore you seen his press conferences”

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This was very clearly written before last night’s result, but the argument is certainly there.

We are what our record says we are. We have the best B12 win of the newbies. :sunglasses:

We (UH) have a B12 win over an old 8 team. BYU got a B12 win earlier than we did but it was against a new 4 team and they still don’t have a win over an old 8 team. Cincy and UCF still don’t have a B12 win. So “fact or fiction is Houston the worst team in the B12” It is fiction.


We lost to rice

Well we proved we can play with big 12 teams. Tech had 2 easy run backs on special teams which blew that game out more than it should. West vir is a good team and even if we lost , they didn’t out class us in talent bc I was there. So it’s hope.

Now many hate Dana for running too much but he is trying to burn clock, rest the def and the clock runs faster so it helps the def.

Yesterday offered hope but Texas is really good so we have to see what happens after Texas.

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It is traditional for a B12 team to have a cringe worthy loss in out of conference. This year it was us, last year it was Baylor, in 2016 it was Oklahoma.

Heck half the conference has had a cringe OOC loss this season haha