Fall Scrimmage at Aggies (10/8)

Per Kendall Rogers, we will play a fall scrimmage game against the Aggies in College Station on October 8th the day before the Aggies vs Bama football game in CS.

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Outstanding. I fully expect Aggies with Schloss running the show to be in Omaha in short order :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

It’s like when we play TSU in a fall practice game.

Or in a series to start the season so we can trick ourselves into thinking we’re good… What happened last year!

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Why would A&M want a full scrimmage the day before the BAMA game? I would think the Aggies would want to take the day off to rest before a big game.

Playing Rice at home, 10/15, 6pm. As expected, a lot of new faces on the roster. By my count, 24 new, 17 returning.

Why are we doing this with risks of injuries?

So coaches can see players in a game situation. Besides, there’s not much more risk of injury than during practice.

Ok I see

The genius quotient runs high on this topic.

He came in as frosh n started at 3b I believe. His Father is UH Alum who played same time Whitting did.
Father is also President of the AAA Team Round Rock Express now under the Rangers organization

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So glad that he is remaining with the program. Was gutted for my son last year when his came to a close at 20 due to injuries. Luckily had told him when he started playing at 4 until the end to enjoy every single day as never know when it’s going to end. Heck, think he took it better than me :grinning: " it was a blast dad, now onto next adventure"

I coached my son until he was 13 before I handed him off to the showcase teams…. The goal was to be able to play in college…. He accomplished that and has done well.
Barring injury he should be blessed to play at the next level and we’ll see what happens…. I know that his last game will come at some point.
I honestly think it will be harder on me…lol
There is no place I would rather be than at any ballpark watching my son play…. Absolutely love him and love watching the kid play.


It was a blessing to travel all over with him. Did same basically coached him till showcase then got out of way. Had D1 offers but went the JUCO route, big lefty with power. His last season started out hot, Phillies talked to him few times about draft and then the injuries hit hard again. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. The love of the game is something we both have will share forever

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Best memory I have was taking his 13u team to Omaha for a big tournament….played games during the day and then took boys to CWS each night…
While we were there we beat two teams that were at the little league World Series the year before pretty handily…. They were shocked when I told them there were many 13u groups in Texas that were better than us…. Cracks me up that people see the LLWS and think those are the best kids in the country….
Your kid sounds like a player, sorry it ended that way.

We’ve eaten a lot of the same dust for sure :grinning: Also did Omaha, iirc it was called The SlumpBuster, then went to CWS games after their games…great times. Remember one of the think it was Pearland LLWS went into BBUSA and just got absolutely destroyed. Select just killed LL, shame but it is what it is. Congrats on your son playing at that level and hope he goes beyond. That is one heck of an accomplishment. I now look forward to someday watching the grandson play BUT grandpa won’t be making those drives back after midnight, washing uni and then driving back at 6AM this time

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Not sure of final score but according to Ags site we were up pretty big it sounded like and hitting well…. Went on to say Ags came back and took 9-7 lead….only other thing I read was our “ big” first baseman crushed one over centerfield wall….

Anybody have anything else?

Nothing more .K Rogers was at the game and gave some updates, but if he mentioned the final score, I missed it.


Coogs won 12-11 per A&Ms baseball page.


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