Fan Appreciation

Anyone heard of a date yet? Hoping we will have an on-point event before such a hyped year.

Read someplace that there isn’t one this year. There is a 46ers event the Saturday b4 the opener

During the Cougar Pride chat this past Monday, they said there isn’t any plans for one.

No wonder - after the way it was screwed up last year! They have probably concluded - correctly - that a repeat would be poorly attended.

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Wow, huge season upcoming - lots of expectations – large number of new season tickets one would think it would be nice to have a show off of the stadium, get the kids on turf, meet some players, execute a bit more efficiently in getting the tickets out, provide some cheap refreshments – hell I would have DJed it for free like I did the UHAA party to provide some music and make it a party. Seems like a big miss.


Not the end of the world, but unfortunate. Last year was a complete disaster, so I guess they didn’t think they could do any better this year.

You know they are just getting staffed up in the marketing and ticket office now. Maybe they figured after last year, with not enough staff, it just wasn’t a priority if they couldn’t do it in a way to meet our expectations.


That’s what I was thinking as well. Last year people were hoping for good things, this year they are expected. Crowds for all these related events have risen. 46ers meeting used to be held in phone booths. Wednesday night there were at least 200 folks. The Womens Chalk Talk last night doubled from last season. I have a feeling that they don’t think our staffing has caught up with our fan base numbers.

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What happened at last year’s Fan Appreciation? Why was it so horrible?

Prior to last year FAD was held in the alumni/athletic center and it worked. If they think staffing is an issue, then invite the Hotel and Restaurant Management College to plan and put on the event. This would be great opportunity to showcase another facet of our university.

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Bummer, I was looking forward to it. Despite the long lines, and then the autograph session closing right as we were at the front of the line…my kid and I enjoyed playing on the field and roaming the stadium…

Disappointing, especially with everything going on right now, I was really ready to go to this again…I need something Cougar going on right now instead of just reading it!!!

Thanks Duce - I didn’t know we had ticket office staffing problems. Not sure why the staffing only has to come from there, as I would certainly agree with what coog74 said about getting another portion of the University involved. Or maybe its because the necessary leaders are a bit busy with, say, expansion!

I guess I agree with CougerKeeper just need something Coog football related. Im all hyped up after watching that Memphis game last night!

Last year, it was way too crowded in that hallway. I’m guessing they did not that many people would come out to get their tickets in person. I didn’t even try to get autographs because those lines looked long also. Then it was very hot that day for anybody to stand for very long outside. I wanted to see the Andre Ware 11-yard line presentation but chose AC instead.

I found the biggest problem last year were the interminable lines. Not only that, but there were inadequate - sometimes even non-existent - signs at the beginning of the lines; so no one knew what they were even standing in line - - FOR!

The whole thing was a total disaster. I doubt I will attend another.

The “lines” and the fact they put the ticket pickup in a hallway when something bigger was needed. I sure hated seeing elderly people and disabled people in wheelchairs have to deal with that.

Maybe they cancel FAD because of another event, P5 announcement? Just a thought

Didn’t we have to print out tickets? Wouldn’t one person with any planning say hey, we had 2500 sign ups, we expect x% to walk up. Plan your set up accordingly.

That’s it athletics event planner position, I need a career change anyway!

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