Fans on TV

I’ve thought this for a while, but is there a way we we can reserve the first few rows for the attractive people?

If we’re going to get mopped up in P5, the least we can do is look good on the TV!


Really, you actually took the time to create this thread??


By the end of the season there might be problems getting many fans. Saying “go to the upper bowl uggo” might not be the best idea.

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Let’s crowdsource this concept. OP should post his pic as start and board can judge whether row 1 worthy.


Attractive is in the eye of the beer holder . . . . .


We will need to put card board cut out of people in the seats. Nobody will show up to the games when your team sucks.

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Really! You should be banned for the personal insult! Calling me “Nobody”. Humf!


What do you look like? You must be really handsome to say something like this.

There’s only so much of me to go around.

The Ritz needs to buy up the 1st row of 120

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I’ll put Houston women up against any in the Country

bump, just cuz OP made me LOL

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MBG got trolled

We should have an All Coogfans MBG Hall of Fame by now.


You must not travel that often

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Have you ever been to LA, Miami, or NYC?

At least there aren’t a lot of plastic women in Houston compared to those places.

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i love latina plastic…coco beach style

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Houston is always near the top of the lists of the fattest cities in the United States

Our women are not immune from that fate compared to woman in more healthy/active cities in the US and world.

The truth is we live in an unwalkabke, high commute time type of city with a ton of chain restaurants- our people reflect the lack of excercise and activity.

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