Farrow: An Emotional Return to Houston for an "Under the Radar" Charger

An Emotional Return to Houston for an “Under the Radar” Charger

“It is exciting, just having the opportunity to go back where a lot people saw my college career,” he said. “I have already had quite a few people tell me they are going to be at the game. It is going to be fun, especially playing there at the pro level now. I played in NRG my sophomore season when they were building our new stadium. It is definitely going to be fun, I am looking forward to it and hopefully I can get out there and make a few impact plays.”


Absolutely love his attitude. He has been a true pro all season. Despite some horrible play calling he is battling every day to be on the Team.

Regarding the Chargers the saga continues. No one knows where they will be playing next season. I am hearing that they are indeed moving to join the Rams. Who really knows but the San Diego city council has been a major problem for about 15 years, yes 15 years. There are two issues there. If the Chargers move SDSU won’t have a stadium and the NFL does not want to lose San Diego. We should have a pretty good idea by Jan 15th…probably before.

One run…at least the Chargers won. Sorry Texans fans but I do not respect b.o.b. As soon as he is gone they will be my second favorite N.F.L. Team again.

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Yep; not sure I’ve watched a full Texans game this year and I had been a diehard fan.

The continued employment of Rick Smith, the hiring of B.o.B after a mediocre 2 years at PSU, and the handling of Case have just killed my fandom.




Awesome to see. Thank you for posting.