FCS Incarnate Word 42 Texas State 34

San Marcos folks wanna run Spav outta town

I think that’s been the case for years though.

Can’t say they’d be wrong to do so at this point. Incarnate Word’s so bad half of their conference bailed to the WAC just to get away from 'em, like San Antonio’s answer to HBU.

Spav would sure be a nice addition to the staff!

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How about we cut Dana loose, promote Belk as interim HC, and hire Spav as his OC?

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You guys are nuts.


Somebody put up the “cocaine is a helluva drug” gif.

In other news, Tulane has allowed 61 pts to Ole Miss…through three quarters. Coogs will have a chance against the Green Wave!

Fritz has shown he doesn’t know how to recruit a defense.

Another Briles offense ……