FCS National Championship Game

There’s literally no reason why North Dakota State and South Dakota State shouldn’t be in FBS.

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The Pac is about to need a couple of new members with their coming implosion


Why not be a big fish in a smaller pond?

Isnt it based on attendance?

Technically. Even then, they still meet the requirements. Both Dakotas draw 17k+ a game.

Harvard, Yale, Dakotas, Jackson State, Delaware. North Carolina A&T and a few others draw enough attendance to be FBS.

Don’t they have to apply to move up?

Maybe, they are happy where they are and don’t want the extra expense to be a bottom feeder in a G5


James Madison which could never beat NDSU in Frisco moved up.

SDSU is a much better team this year especially at QB and line play

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I don’t think the states are big enough to support their transfer to FBS.

Might have something to do with the amount of costs to move to FBS. Millions more just to play at the lower levels of FBS and 50-70 million more probably to compete at high levels. Bare minimum is 62 vs 85 scholarships.

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Sam Houston is about to find out

JMU did win an FCS title, and i thought they did beat NDSU to win it, but im not certain of that.

Nope, i was wrong, JMU won the title in 2016 beating Youngstown State, and lost 2 subsequent title games to NDSU

They beat NDSU in the Semi-Final gm at the Fargo Dome that year n then went to Frisco n won the SHIP.

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