Fertitta Center Q&A - June 27th at noon

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Interesting tidbits from today:

We are working to release the Fertitta Center seat selection appointment times by the second week in July.

For those of us near the bottom of the pecking order for seat selection, when might we expect our appointment to be? Late July? Early August?

Most likely mid to late August. But don’t worry, there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

Access to the sideline club includes complimentary snacks, food for purchase and cash bars. The seats themselves will be 21 inches wide and fully upholstered. You will also have a private Fertitta Center entrance that allows you to walk from the street into the club!

We will assign you a unique date and time for you to either login to our selection site, give us a call, or visit us in person.

If you choose to come in to select your seats, you will only be able to complete the process at or after the time of your appointment.

The team will play at TSU for the month of November. We will allocate seats to best mimic the seat locations of season ticket holders in the Fertitta Center!

We no longer have a Tier 3 seat! They are simply sections 111 and 115 and listed as a general reserved seat.

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