Fertitta on Holgorsen and Houston's New Era

This is a good read. Fertitta sounds pretty confident that CDH won’t be going anywhere any time soon. But beyond that, we are incredibly lucky to have Tilman Fertitta involved with our school.


A decent article. I know if we never play Tulsa or Tulane or SMU again, I will not miss them…


I want my Tulane Road trips.


I feel confident as long as we have Fertitias backing.

Politics are involved in any billion dollar business, he now owns multiple hotels, casinos, and the Houston Rockets.

Believe me, if we get left out of realignment it won’t be because of money and politics.


When one looks at how the Utah deal worked out I have trouble understanding the political situation.

Fertitta is a billionaire and we have a senator who ostensibly calls Houston his home in addition to all the rest of our congressional representatives.

Why aren’t the latter constantly raising hell and pressuring everyone they can about all the revenue our city and state are losing by not being a member of the so called power five?


We get left out we are finished

I hope we don’t get left out, but history suggests we will.

Memphis had the backing of FedEx and still didn’t get it.

Realignment is such a layered topic that involves:

-markets and market saturation




And numerous other things

Cruz? He wouldn’t lift a finger to help UH. And that has nothing to do with party or ideology. Tom DeLay and Gene Green (R and a D) would have. Abbot and Patrick did try to help with the Big 12 deal, not so much because of any love of UH but largely because of their connection to the city and the cost to the state of UH athletics. I do think Uncle Tilman could be helpful if something eventually develops with the PAC 12 or ACC.

Yep, that’s what I was basically wondering about. Dang shame we don’t have a senator like Utah did. Guess all that corporate money isn’t needed in our city and state.

Part that makes me crazy is that there are soooooooo many great empty seats at the Tulane stadium. And they put us fans at field level so you can barely see above the team if you have the best visitor seats.
Btw, Fritz is the real deal. Wonder how long he lasts there. He gave Auburn all the wanted.


“Well, obviously I made a bad judgement when I took Hunter Yurachek and made him athletic director,” Fertitta said. “I wasn’t even going to interview him, but I really liked him and he said, ‘I have no desire to go anywhere else, I want to raise my kids in Houston.’ In 18 months, he goes to Arkansas.”

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Fertitta is one of the last dudes on earth that I would cross. HY sucks for lying directly to his face.