Fertitta on new developments with Big12

did anybody catch is interview with the morning crew over @ 790 this morning?

Tilman’s interview starts just after 1:55:00:


Thanks Lawdog! Coming in clutch!

Thanks Lawdog, gives us OOTC a chance to catch up.

I wonder if any of the money the cousins got for selling the UFC will find its way into the negotiation…

Interesting that he specifically says that a lot of Texas politicians are behind our inclusion including the Governor and Lt Governor. Follows the line of thinking that our biggest opponents are outside of Texas.

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Link to 610 interview with Fertitta (Sean Pendergast, Rich Lord, and Ted Johnson)

KPRC interview with Fertitta:

Tilman Fertitta hopeful for Houston’s opportunity to join Big 12
Houston’s Fertitta wants serious consideration for Big 12 expansion

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