Fewer games

It seems the last couple of years we play fewer games than most teams do. CKS commented that we need to play more games, but it seems that we don’t schedule as many as others. Any thoughts?

I agree with coach. UTRG has played 8 already to our 5. I think it makes a big difference especially when trying to integrate 4 or 5 new players into the rotation.

Delaying to have more games at Fertitta in December


Thank God we only have one more game at TSU


That place has been magical for us.

(But I know what you mean)

I will probably feel nostalgic about H&PE from here on out, Kinda like the Rob.

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NCAA allows Schools to play 31 gms total. UH playing full allotment. 13 non conf and 18 conf gms. Just started later than most teams first gm on Nov10. Most teams played on 5th or 6th when NCAA allowed gms to be played.


Don’t forget our schedule to start the season was also dictated in sharing an arena with TSU.

All comes into play. Main point is playing same # of gms as any other D1 Basketball program.

For me the main point isn’t total games, it’s that we have fewer games under our belt now than Oregon, LSU, Okie St. I think the team is progressing nicely but a few more games under our belt at this point would not have been a bad thing.