Fight of the Century- Ali-Frazier

ESPN is showing a special commemorating the first fight between Ali and Frazier. Realizing that boxing is not now what it was then, it is definitely worth a watch to get a better idea of what boxing was in it’s heyday. It looks like there are limited re-showings, but ESPN2 has one more tonight/tomorrow morning.

Great memories for us old timers and brings back into perspective why Ali is so deservedly revered today. Truly worth a watch.

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I do think the Ali Frazier fights where the best but Ali Forman was Ali’s greatest tactical fight. Forman was a beast and could knock out with one punch and he was 22 ish vs a much older Ali. Ali invented the rope a dope to wear Forman out.

I was a kid in the 70s and we’d watch these fights and after Ali and sugar ray Lenard, I lost interest like many. It was the golden age of boxing which I doubt comes back bc of the brutality of the sport.


Best fight ever imo. I am not a fan of Tessitore.

I think the Leonard-Hearns fight was one of the best. I watched it on closed circuit at a movie cinema in my hometown.

If you haven’t seen it yet, PBS and Ken Burns have a very good 4 part documentary on Muhammad Ali. It’s about 8 hours and I’m halfway through. Great insights and footage of some of his earlier fights. Not sure where currently available, but worth a search.

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