Film Review - Cry Macho

Just watched it on HBO Max

One word, Eastwood

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You mean Clint Eastwood plays Clint Eastwood? Redundant.

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Around 1974, while overseas, the Army brought us a weekly movie. Once was a Dirty Harry flick.

The brothers would yell out “Eastwood” every time he hit, shot or did something else to the bad guys.

Ever since, that’s always my review “Eastwood”.


Glad John Wayne didn’t take the Dirty Harry role

Yeah Eastwood just plays himself in every movie he is in. Sometimes it works - Unforgiven is still my favorite Eastwood movie. Sometimes it just becomes a cliche - Gran Turino.

Then you have the movies that fall in between:

  1. In the Line of Fire - Malkovich made that film
  2. Trouble with the Curve - good movie, honestly should have been his last one.
  3. The Mule - Dafuq?
  4. Space Cowboys - Again, great film mainly because of the supporting cast.

To me his most overrated movie was Million Dollar Baby. The fact that film won best picture over The Aviator is just one of many reasons why I hate the Oscars and Hollywood in general. Just another in a long list of completely mind boggling choices over the last 25 years.

I liked “Play Misty” and “Unforgiven.” The rest were meh. Clint Eastwood, retire man, retire and enjoy your multi-millions.

The Aviator? Really? Have you run into other people that agree? Bur really picking one movie every year is always going to lead to disagreement.
I haven’t seen Cry Macho but i think its amazing he is still making movies at 91. Hope he makes one at 100.

I’ve been an Eastwood fan since Rawhide.

“Bird” was absolutely brilliant. And depressing. Eastwood is a jazz lover and did a biopic on Charlie Parker. Eastwood directed, won a batch of prizes. Forest Whitaker played Charlie Parker.

Clint knows how to make a movie on either side of the camera.

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